From Art Colony Galichnik, Ana Frangovska

2011, 2 channel HD video installation, 14:40, stereo.
Languages: Serbocroatian / Bosnian, Macedonian, Bulgarian, Albanian; English subtitles.
Installation: 2 synchronized HD media players, 2 upright format HD screens (or HD projections), two pairs of stereo loudspeakers.

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In summer 2010, M. Thyes participated in the 'Art Colony Galichnik' in Macedonia, together with artists and curators from various Balkan countries. Thyes asked the participants to give a statement to her camcorder in their mother tongue. In the video-diptych, excerpts of these 'interviews' are combined with other scenes Thyes filmed in Macedonia. Having visited the Balkans for the first time, Thyes didn't interfere a lot with her impressions (analytically and artistically), but decided to create a homage to the people she had met in Macedonia, from whom she had learnt a lot in intensive conversations. The collage of images and voices gives an impression of cultural and individual diversities and various human dreams, desires, and ambitions - all together existing on a small spot on earth, and perhaps being similar for humans all over the world.

synopsis as PDF     |    Kurzbeschreibung PDF    |     spoken text in the video - English (PDF)     |    im Video gesprochener Text - deutsch (PDF)    |     Ostrale'013, Dresden

Art Colony Galichnik, Osman Demiri

Art Colony Galichnik, Gordana Kaljalovic

Art Colony Galichnik, Nenad fiser

Art Colony Galichnik, Suzana Minovska

Fahredin spahija

Art Colony Galichnik, Nena Sesic-Fiser

The following people gave their answers:
Ana Frangovska, curator at the National Gallery in Skopje, and director of the Art Colony Galichnik
Nove Frangovski, artist, Skopje, Macedonia, founder and former director of the Art Colony Galichnik
Nadja Frangovska, business economist, from Belgrade, living in Skopje, Macedonia
Suzana Minovska, public relations at the National Gallery in Skopje, Macedonia
Igor Sekovski, artist, assistant professor at the European University of Macedonia, Skopje
Fahredin Spahija, artist, director at the National Gallery of Kosovo (Kosova Art Gallery), Pristina
Gordana Kaljalovic, artist, Belgrade, Serbia
Nena Sesic-Fišer, artist, from Croatia/Bosnia, living in Utrecht, Netherlands
Nenad Fišer, philosopher, from Sarajevo, Bosnia, living in Utrecht, Netherlands
Georgi Krastev, artist, from Varna, living in Sofia, Bulgaria
Osman Demiri, artist, Gostivar, Macedonia